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Artist and writer Cindy Matthews has created some frog-themed blank cards, bookmarks, tote bags and t-shirts to sell in our store! Learn more about Cindy at http://www.cindymatthews.ca.

Tim and Mara are located in Kenilworth, in Wellington County, halfway between Arthur and Mount Forest on Highway 6.


Bringing years of antique business experience to our new shop, Dancing Frogs Antiques, we offer friendly and honest service. We both share a passion for what's old and have made it our mission to find new homes for the abandoned treasures we've acquired. We offer an ever-changing array of antiques and vintage treasures.


This home/business was once Kenilworth's General Store, owned and operated by The Quinlan's - a busy hub in town when the railway was operating. We opened the covered porch section of the store back in May 2013 and we opened up the main room in January 2014. We plan on adding more rooms and outdoor space as time goes on.

We're also listed in the directory at http://ruralbuzz.com where you can find plenty of information on various events and businesses throughout rural Ontario.